Another rant

Customer service is important, and I have come to realize that good customer service means that you do what you say you’re going to do, and when you are talking to me it sounds like you are talking to me, and not just reading from a script.

These days so many companies are outsourcing their Customer Service and giving their employees scripts to read. The employees are not supposed to go off-script, and I understand that, but honestly, I can tell they’re speaking from a script, and it really annoys me. I actually called a company (who will remain nameless) once, told them I was calling about my refrigerator, and the next question I was asked was, “And what appliance are you calling about today?” Obviously I volunteered this information too soon for the script. If you can’t trust your employees to deal with some basic interactions without a script, than you are not hiring the correct employees. And usually the people I have to deal with are probably capable of handling the basic interactions, but are not supposed to.

And I am in the middle of something right now where I ordered something on-line from someone in mid-March. They charged my credit card on 3/22. I emailed twice to find out when my product was coming. The second time I received an email, on 4/24, that said that my product was shipped 2 days before, and I should have it by the next day. That means that they did not ship until a full month after they hit my credit card for payment – that is unacceptable to me. It is currently 2 days past when she said I should have it by and I still do not have my product. If it is not here by Friday I will stop payment on the transaction. Needless to say, I won’t be ordering from her again. The killer is that I have realized that this same thing happened the last time I ordered from her. The part that kills me is that I somehow thought it would be different this time. What’s the definition of insanity…

Another day, another rant. I really do want to be a decent person, but it sure seems that it is too much to ask anymore for people to send you what you paid for, and talk to you like you’re a human being.

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