Pet peeve

This is a pet peeve of mine: why can no one can spell or use proper punctuation anymore? When I see a post on Facebook that makes sense, except that there is a typo in it – a wrong spelling or a misplaced apostrophe – it doesn’t matter to me any longer that it maybe made sense. Proofread your writing, people!  I get that everyone, including me, will make a mistake now and then. But when you are consistently putting stuff out there that has mistakes in it, you have lost me as an audience – and probably a lot of other people too. You can pretend that this stuff doesn’t matter, and it is obvious that it doesn’t matter to you, but to many people it makes you look careless and unthinking. You can put the most important thing in the world on a picture and post it to social media so millions of people see it, and if it doesn’t make sense or is just plain wrong, you will not get your message across.

And lest you think I go looking for these things, that is far from the truth. These things jump out at me, and they drive me crazy. I am not talking about things many people find obscure or argue about – I don’t care if you end a sentence with a preposition, or use a comma where you should have used a semi-colon. But your and you’re do not mean the same thing, and neither do its and it’s. Those are basic things one should learn in elementary school. And now I am paranoid that I will post this with a mistake in it!

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