Doctor rant

Yes, this is a bit of a rant I have about a doctor visit I had last week. I saw a specialist about something.

Now I full-well admit that I do not do well in the allopathic world in general. This may be one of the reasons why. There was a resident involved, which is fine.  However, at one point the doctor was talking to the resident in full-on medical terms which I did not understand, so I said, “Excuse me, what does that mean?” What I was told was that there was one more test he wanted to run, and then he would talk to me. OK – that doesn’t sound out of line. So they sent me away with someone else who would run the test. When she finished, she pointed me to the waiting room – what?! But instead of asking, I am such a ‘good girl’ that I went and sat down. About 1/2 hour later, I was still there, when the resident came in with someone else. He saw me, and after he was done, he said something like “Are you still here?” to which I replied something about waiting an awful long time. He led me back toward an exam room, and we passed the lady who did the test, who said, “I thought you were done” when I went by. I waited a bit in the exam room, and the doctor finally came in, and I am not convinced he really knew who I was.  It was pretty obvious that none of them had known I was waiting – even though he had told me that he would talk to me when I was done. I don’t really remember what he said, probably because I was pretty mad.

So I have no idea what the doctor would say is the moral of this story – but I do know what I think it is. If you are a doctor of any kind, please remember that it is important for you to train young newbie doctors, but it is the PATENT that you should be talking to.  There are still some people out there who equate doctor with god – but I am NOT one of them, and I would not pay for that appointment if it were up to me. And maybe from now on I will stick to alternative providers, which for me are really only alternative as in ‘alternative to allopathic doctors,” and in my experience really see their patents, know who they are, and listen to them.

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