“Helpful” suggestions

I am getting pretty sick of hearing about how the diet someone is on is going to cure everything that ails me. Please understand that I am not annoyed with people who tell me about what worked for them, and suggest that it may be worth looking into. Nor am I annoyed at people who are sharing information that they feel may help me. I appreciate all knowledge, and make a note of it as something I may try in the future.

What annoys me are people who have found something that works for them, and insist that it will work for everyone, including me. They feel like pushers to me – they aren’t just letting me know about something that worked for them, they are insisting that they know what is best for me. They make me feel that anything that is wrong with me is my own fault because I am not doing what they do. You have probably run into these people too. They demand to know why you are not doing this or that, and sound pretty accusatory as they do it. They imply that all your problems would go away, if you only do what they did.

Well, it may be a personal fault, but I do not take kindly to being told what I HAVE to do. It sets off alarms in my head and pretty much ensures that I will not be doing that.

Please understand that I have tried many diets and many life style changes. I have yet to find what is going to work for me. Every body is different. What worked for you is not necessarily going to work for me. I can try only one thing at a time (it is difficult to go Paleo and vegetarian at the same time!) I have tried many, many things to date, and will likely try many, many more in the future. I try to remain optimistic and believe that I will find that special thing that works for me.

While I love to hear what worked for you and new options for the future, I am not in a position where I want to drop everything to try something new. I will file away the information and research it and perhaps attempt it at a later date.

Please understand that making me feel like I am not doing enough is not helping. That may not be your intent, so please watch your words.

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