What would it be if you did know?

Do you find yourself saying "I don’t know" often?  That seemed to be happening to me a lot, so much so that I was starting to feel like it was getting to be a habit.  After all, sometimes saying "I don’t know" is a lot easier than actually thinking about what you really want, or what your options really are, or what your feelings really are.

If you feel like "I don’t know" has become your fall-back answer – the one you give rather than think about the real issue – I have a suggestion that may help you get out of that rut.  Try asking yourself "What would it be if I DID know?"

I find that to be an interesting question.  In a way it’s a more freeing way to think about some things.  It doesn’t really commit you to anything, because you’re not saying that you do know for sure, you are saying only that if you DID know, maybe this would be what you know.  It lets you try on different answers and see how they resonate with you.

What I have found is that sometimes I really don’t know, but sometimes I really do know if I let myself really think about something.  This question seems to give me the space I need to figure out what I really do know about some things.

If you find yourself stuck in "I don’t know" land, give this a try – maybe it will work for you.  And if you have other things that already work for you, I’d love t hear them!

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