Commitments & Decisions

I have committed to writing here every week, and have done a pretty good (though not perfect) job of doing that. This tells me that I can, indeed, follow through on my commitments, and that is something that I have been attempting to do for a while now.

So today I am committing to get my B&O taxes done. The thing is though, that it is a little embarrassing at this point. You see, last year I made about $12.00 in this business. There is a good reason for that, and if I could explain that to someone I would feel better about it. Of course, you don’t actually get to speak to anyone when you file, so I am going to have to just file electronically and hope that, if nothing else, my filing provides someone with a good laugh.

I had a bad health year last year, and spent a lot of the year just figuring that I couldn’t get anything done, so I didn’t do anything. But a couple weeks ago I had the realization that I actually still can do things, and I can pursue this business of mine. So as bad as things look monetarily right now, I really believe that  2018 will look a lot better. In fact, I have made the decision that my business will be growing and profitable next year.

So I will get my B&O taxes filed, and move on. I am making the decision to have a thriving business in 2018!

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