Do you have your priorities straight?  Do people ever tell you that your priorities are all wrong, and you need to get them right?  Do you believe them?

It is truly a pet peeve of mine when people say ‘Your priorities are all wrong.’  Usually what they mean is ‘your priorities are not the same as mine, therefore they must be wrong, because mine are surely right.’  Please don’t believe them.  Your priorities may be perfectly fine for what your goals are.  So what are your goals and priorities?  It is a good idea to examine them once in a while.  If your goal is to have a well-rounded life, but you find yourself working all the time, maybe your priorities are not in alignment with your goal.    But if your goal is to get as far ahead as fast as you can in your chosen field, then maybe your priorities are exactly what you need them to be.  Your goal will be easier to reach if your priorities are in alignment with it.

Your goals and priorities aren’t ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, they are what you decide they are.  They may not match someone else’s ideas of what they ‘should’ be, but they don’t need to.  No one else has to approve of them – just you.  They will have consequences – you may like them, you may not.  You will have to live with them, like them or not.  But it is your decision.

Who gets to set your goals and your priorities?  You do.  There may be others in your life that you want to share that with, but you get to decide. Your goals will probably change many times in your life, which means your priorities may change as well.  But you get to decide.  This may be one of the few constants in life.

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