Where will we end up?

Things are up in the air in this country. Will we or won’t we default on our debt? Is one party going to take us back to an era where only rich women could do their own family planning? Do women have rights or don’t they? Are women going to go back to being the property of the men in their lives? Exactly what progress, if any, that has been made since the beginning of this country is going to stick around? Are we going to allow someone who has admitted to lying to his constituents remain in Congress? Are our children (or grandchildren) going to go back to the days when they had to work in unsafe conditions? Are our elected officials going to be allowed to pick their constituents (through gerrymandering)? Are they going to have to start actually representing their constituents? Are we going to be held hostage by a minority of people? Will we be a nation that burns books and bans history – well, we actually are right now, but will it continue? Are we going to continue to move forward, or are we going backward?

So many questions about where we are going as a nation. I wonder where we will end up.

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