More shootings

It is time to stop these mass shootings. . . . → Read More: More shootings

Think for yourself

People who don’t want you to think for yourself do not have your best interest at heart. . . . → Read More: Think for yourself

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to all! . . . → Read More: Happy Independence Day

A news break

You can be informed without being immersed in the news 24/7. . . . → Read More: A news break


These anti-abortion laws are getting more than ridiculous. . . . → Read More: Abortion

Cheating to get your kid into a good school

Just when I think that people really can’t get any more disgusting, they prove me wrong. Now it seems that some rich people aren’t satisfied with the enormous leg-up that their children already have, they need to make sure that their children have more privilege than other people. And some are apparently fine with cheating . . . → Read More: Cheating to get your kid into a good school


The snow is nice now, but ask me again later. . . . → Read More: Snow

RIP John McCain

We have lost a real patriot in John McCain. . . . → Read More: RIP John McCain

Guns again

Stop attacking the kids! . . . → Read More: Guns again

Another school shooting

We need to have some conversations about common sense gun laws. . . . → Read More: Another school shooting