Student debt forgiveness

This country is now going to forgive some, not all, student debt. Count me as one of the people who think this is a good thing. I understand that some are concerned about spending this much money. I agree, it’s a lot of money and we shouldn’t be doing this frivolously. But I don’t think we are.

It’s a little fascinating to see some (not all) of the people who are against this have no problems with spending lots of money to prop up big corporations, like oil companies and pharmaceutical companies. This seems to be a really good thing to do – for the companies getting the money. They get richer and richer, and raise their prices so that the rest of us get poorer and poorer. What’s the definition of insanity again? Some people believe that helping these corporation will bring more jobs and lower prices – well, I think we have been trying this for years, and the results that some people keep promising aren’t the results we are getting. The corporations, and the Congress people they pay off, seem to be the only ones profiting. Let’s take another look at this situation.

There are also people who don’t think we are going far enough with this forgiveness. I partially agree with them as well. But all in all, I think we need to make a start. It’s not everything, but it IS something. If we play the all or nothing game, we will likely end up with nothing, and that doesn’t help anyone. I think we should start with what we can get, and build on it; don’t quit now. If we refuse to do anything if we can’t get everything, then nothing is probably what we will get.

In the interest of transparency and full disclosure: I took out loans for both my undergrad and graduate studies, and I paid them all back. But college didn’t cost as much when I went, and the institutions making student loans did not seem to be as predatory as they seem now. I do not have a problem with others getting help, even if I don’t personally benefit. Because I think I do benefit in the long run. I would much prefer that my tax dollars go to forgive student debt than to the CEOs of big corporations.

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