We can’t keep doing (or rather, not doing) the same thing and expect things to change. If it were going to work, it would have worked by now. It’s is very clear that it is not going to work.

I am, of course, talking about our gun problem, and it IS a gun problem. There are other problems included in the situation, including mental health issues, and they also need to be addressed. But notice that I said ALSO need to be addressed. As in addition to the gun problem, not instead of.

The weapons that are being used to perpetrate these many, many mass shootings are weapons that have no other purpose than to kill people – so why are we surprised when they do kill people? These weapons are not used to shoot animals that are hunted for sport or food. These are weapons of war – they are intended to kill people efficiently in a war. They have been co-opted to kill as many people as possible in our schools and on our streets.

Enough! The assault weapons ban worked, let’s bring it back – NOW.

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