Supreme Court

The Supreme Court – I am totally disgusted by what the majority on the Court is doing right now. Several of them lied to members of Congress (I won’t go into how stupid several of the members of Congress appear to be that they believed the liars) to get their seats on the Court, and are now out and out lying in their written opinions while they try to justify what they have done.

Why can’t we get rid of these liars? If you lie on a resume or in a job interview, you can be fired, so let’s fire (impeach) them.

Now some of them are saying that if a freedom wasn’t listed in the Constitution explicitly, then it does not exist. They want to go back in time to when the Constitution was written, and interpret it strictly. Yeah – I guess that might make sense if you conveniently forget that we have made much progress since the then. When the Constitution was written, women weren’t citizens and could not vote. People of color couldn’t vote.  Many people thought it was okay to own other people. We have come a long way in our thinking, and that’s a good thing.

And yet there is a man on the Court who wants to take away many of our rights. He wants us to go back to before a woman had a right to choose what to do with her own body, to before LGBTQ people had the same rights as anyone else. He has listed a bunch of things that he wants to do back to what was in the Constitution, pretending that we have not progressed at all. But it is very curious that he has not said Loving vs. Virginia should be overturned – the right for someone to marry a person of another race was not in the Constitution – why would he leave that one out? Oh – now I remember – that would affect him personally, as he is married to a woman of a different race than he is.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Loving vs. Virginia to be overturned, but neither do I want Roe or Obergefell overturned. And I certainly do not think that he should be able to pick and choose what remains and what goes based on his personal interests.

This Supreme Court has managed to lose the respect of many people in this country, and they did it to themselves. My question is this: why should you get respect when you have none for the people? It is time to increase the number of judges on the Court. I think what has been done by the republicans to get their way is abhorrent. And it may be time to play their game and do what it takes to being balance back to the Court. McConnell played nasty games to pack the Court with people who would do the republican’s bidding – perhaps it is time to take a page from his playbook and bring back balance. The republicans have known for years that the Democrats would not stoop to their level, and took advantage of that fact. Maybe it is time to play their game.

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