Recharge your battery

Take the time you need to regroup – the world will still need you tomorrow. . . . → Read More: Recharge your battery

The best I can

I do the best I can, and that has to be good enough. . . . → Read More: The best I can

What if?

What if we all cared? . . . → Read More: What if?


I don’t owe anyone an explanation. . . . → Read More: Explanations

Taking a break

It’s time to drop out for a couple days. . . . → Read More: Taking a break

Stop comparing

There is always someone better off and worse off than you. Stop comparing. . . . → Read More: Stop comparing

Talk is cheap

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. Words do matter, but if someone’s actions contradict their words, believe what they do, not what they say. Unfortunately, it is pretty easy to say nice things, all the while doing evil things. Or it may not even be evil things, it may . . . → Read More: Talk is cheap

New things

I must be getting old – changes are harder and harder to deal with. . . . → Read More: New things

My next big project

It is useless for me to start a project until it is ready to be started. I believe the time has come to start. . . . → Read More: My next big project


Parents will always care about their kids – even when they are adults. . . . → Read More: Parents/Kids