Political correctness

Political correctness – we are hearing a lot about this right now. And I often wonder if people know there is a difference between this and just being polite and nice. I agree that sometimes things go a little wonky, and some seem to go a little overboard with trying to be politically correct. However, we can still be nice to each other. Being nice to each other is not being politically correct, it’s just being nice to each other. If you are a different race than I am, that doesn’t mean that I have to point it out every time I see you. If I don’t point out that someone has a tic, it’s not because I am being politically correct, it is because my mother didn’t raise me to be mean, and pointing out the obvious doesn’t do anything good in this situation.

Calling women horrible names or making fun of someone’s disability is not the opposite of political correctness, it is the opposite of being a decent human being. Wouldn’t it be great if we were all just nice?

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