Be nice to each other

This may sound naive, but I sure would love to see us, as a country, remember how to treat each other. In the middle of this political cycle, I get so tired of hearing, from every direction, people snarking at each other, tearing each other down, calling each other names, being nasty, and telling out-and-out lies. And we seem to have gotten into this space where some people feel that if they say something often and loud enough, then it is true. I understand that we are not all going to agree about everything, that is to be expected. But what if we decided to start looking for little things we agree about, and used that as a jumping off place to find more little things we agree about, and use all those little things we agree about to find some things we can compromise on. We have gotten so polarized that even when we find things we can agree on, we can no longer agree on them. That is nuts! How about if we all take a couple steps away from the cliff, stop being overly dramatic, and really listen to each other? What if everyone decided that we can choose to be nice to each other, even if we don’t agree with each other. I think it would be a place to start.

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