Let what you get done be enough

If the presents don’t arrive on time, it’s not the end of the world. If everything isn’t perfect, the world keeps spinning.

I know all too well the feeling that everything has to be perfect at this time of the year. I want the presents to be perfect, the turkey to be perfect, the tree to be perfect – you get the picture.

But, due to things over which I have no control, what I do is going to have to be good enough this year. And I really want to let that be good enough. Perfection really isn’t my strong point at any time of the year, much less at Christmas. It is past time for me to learn that what I can do will be good enough.

So, my tree is a little wonky this year; the multiple batches of cookies I usually make is down to one batch; instead of a whole turkey, we are having a turkey breast and a turkey leg for Christmas dinner;  and there won’t be much in our stockings this year. I am going to do everything I can, and I am NOT going to attempt to do things that I know I shouldn’t. Other people are in charge of things I have always done, and they will do them their own way, and that will be fine. It is hard, but I am learning to let go.

I am realizing that no one cares. The important thing is to be with the people who love you, even if that has to be on Zoom.

Happy Holidays to all, whatever, if any, holidays you celebrate. This year, and every year in the future, let what you get done be enough.

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