Can’t we all get along?

We have spent an awful lot of time in this country trying to drown out the hatefulness that is rearing its ugly head again. I know there have always been people here who hated anyone they could call “other” – people of a different color, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. Lately some people seem to think that they have permission to be more open about their hatred. I really thought we were moving ahead as a country, but these past years are proving me wrong.

People who claim to be “good Christians” are saying things that I would never have expected to hear from a “good Christian.” Some people even say that we need more politicians like Hitler. What has happened to us?

These supposed “good Christians” have turned a lot of people away from Christianity. I do actually know some people who really are “good Christians,” and they act nothing like the people who claim to be “good Christians.”

When are we going to realize that we really are all one? There aren’t some people on this earth who are intrinsically better than anyone else. There are plenty of people on this earth who pretend to be better than anyone else, and try to convince others they are. Having amassed more money than anyone else does not make you better than them.

There is enough in this world for everyone, if we would just take what we need and share the rest. The people in Africa are really no different than the people in North America, who are really no different than the people in Asia. We may look different, but we want the same things: to belong, to see our children grow up healthy and happy, to have enough.

Stop making people “other.” There really is no “other,” there is only “us.” Can’t we all get along?

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