I know that some people think I am not doing enough, but I am doing the best I can. I wish I could join the protesters, but, for so many reasons, I can’t. I could list those reasons, but I won’t. If saying I have my reasons isn’t enough for some people, then listing my reasons probably wouldn’t help.

Sometimes I don’t feel like I am doing enough, and I think it is very important to realize that I am doing the best I can. Some days that is more than others, but it is always my best.

Please remember that if you are doing your best, you are doing enough. If you are not doing your best, then think about why you are not doing your best, and try to do better.

If you can march, march. If you can make phone calls, make phone calls. If you can send good energy to the world, send good energy. If you can hold space for our country while it tries to figure this out, hold space. If you can have a conversation that helps people understand, have a conversation. If you can do multiple things, so multiple things.

We can’t all do everything. It will take us all doing what we can do to make this better.

Do what you can; if we all do what we can, it will be enough. Don’t beat yourself up.


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