Happy Holidays?

I am going to rant here for a bit. I am so tired of hearing about a War on Christmas, and hearing how saying Happy Holidays is a bad thing that contributes to it.

So this is just my perspective, but THERE IS NO WAR ON CHRISTMAS – get over it! When I say Happy Holidays, it is not meant to denigrate Christmas in any way, but rather to recognize that there are people out there who do not celebrate this particular holiday, but do perhaps celebrate other ones, especially in a year where they fall closely together. Broadening the base does not exclude people, it INCLUDES them. And you are free to choose to exclude people if you like, but I am free to include them. And if I know you celebrate Christmas, then I may say Merry Christmas to you, just like I may say Happy Hanukkah to you if I know you celebrate that. That doesn’t mean that I think Hanukkah is the best, or Christmas is the best, but that I think what is important to you is important. And if I don’t know you well enough to know what it is you celebrate, or if I am talking to a group of people that may celebrate different things, then I may say Happy Holidays. And if I say Happy Holidays, it does not mean that you are not free to say Merry Christmas if you like.

So celebrate what you want to celebrate, how you want to celebrate it, and Happy Holidays to all!

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