Following Your Dreams

I just read a great blog post about following your dreams at Strauberry Studios.  Susan is a great writer, and a great friend, so I hope you will check out her blog!  In it she refers to the ‘5’ book, by Dan Zadra.

This post really made me think about some things.  My life has changed tremendously in five years – more inwardly than outwardly.  I have done some really good work on myself, work that I don’t often give myself credit for doing.  I am kind of stuck in that ‘well, if I did it, it couldn’t have been that hard to accomplish’ mode. That stops now – I believe in giving credit where credit is due – to everyone but me apparently.  I have worked hard, done some great inner work, and I deserve to acknowledge myself for it – so I am.

Also, I started wondering why I don’t write down my dreams and make them goals.  Guess what word popped up – FEAR.  Part of that fear is that if I write my dreams down and/or talk about them, then when I don’t succeed everyone will know.  And believe it or not, part of that fear is not that I won’t succeed, it’s fear that I WILL.  Wait a minute – don’t I want to succeed?  Of course I do!  It is truly amazing to me what writing things down and saying them out loud does – especially to your fears.  When I read these fears, many thoughts go through my head.  Some of them are  ‘oh that’s a gremlin that I have seen before – I need to let him know that I am safe and can take care of my grown-up self and send him out to play.’  Another is ‘been there, done that, I think I’ll go a different way this time.’

Bringing your fears out into the daylight by writing them down is a great way to really see them for what they are.  Changing your dreams into goals by writing them down seems like a no-brainer – why didn’t I think of that?! 

So I am off to buy the book and actually do the work in it. I am making that commitment out loud and in writing – I will have it by the end of the week, maybe even today. I have done some great work on myself, and there is more to do, and I am ready for my next step!

2 comments to Following Your Dreams

  • Woody Pidcock

    Sounds like a great plan!

    I can relate to the importnat internal work done during the last 5 years (it has been difficult but rewarding, at least for me, especially the discipline part).

    I am excited to see what will happen in the next 5 years.

    • Judy Stoffel Loewen

      Yeah – I think we’re on a similar path right now. It will be fun to see where we both are in the next 5 years!

      Thanks for the comments!

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