I belong to a writing group that really floats my boat. It is all women (not that there is anything wrong with men, but it feels good and safe just the way it is), and we generally meet once a month. We don’t all make it every time, and that’s okay – life continues to . . . → Read More: Writing

We must remain hopeful

My heart hurts mightily. The country I have always been proud to be a part of is doing things in my name that I do not approve of. We are turning people away at the border – people who are coming here to ask for asylum because of horrific things that are happening in their . . . → Read More: We must remain hopeful

Be a good friend

It is so important to find the friends who will support you and love you, even when you don’t feel very lovable. So if you notice you haven’t heard from a friend lately, or someone you know has been a bit of a grouch or a recluse, give them a call or stop by and . . . → Read More: Be a good friend