Think for yourself

Think for yourself; use your brain to figure things out. If you are seeing something, believe it – don’t let others tell you that what you are seeing is not happening. If you are being told to believe what someone tells you, and not what you see with your own eyes, consider the source. What is the motivation?

We are in difficult times right now. There are people who would like nothing more than for you to accept everything they say as the truth, do what they want you to, and not think for yourself. And one of the craziest things happening is that the people who are being hurt the most are wholeheartedly supporting the people who are hurting them.

You are entitled to support who you wish, and it might behoove you to really think about what is going on before you decide who to support. People who don’t want you to think for yourself do not have your best interest at heart.

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