We must remain hopeful

My heart hurts mightily. The country I have always been proud to be a part of is doing things in my name that I do not approve of. We are turning people away at the border – people who are coming here to ask for asylum because of horrific things that are happening in their home countries. People in Congress are hell-bent on pleasing the orange guy in the White House instead of representing the people who elected them. Up is down, down is up, and I am having a hard time getting my bearings.

Through it all, I try to remember that good will prevail in the end. It pains me to think that it may take a while for it to happen, and yet I believe that it will happen eventually.

I am sending good and hopeful energy to Congress, in the hopes that some people who are there now will get a clue and change their ways, or be gone shortly. I have to believe that the truth will come out – it always does. Unfortunately, we may have to live through worse before it gets better.

I hope that we will go back to being a country that supports our allies, stands up to the countries and people who wish us ill, believes in science again, protects the people who need protecting, and believes that being smart and curious are not bad things.

We must remain hopeful!

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