Thank you

I have gratitude for the many, many people out there who look out for others. . . . → Read More: Thank you


I had a wonderful vacation. Here are 3 photos of Banff. . . . → Read More: Vacation

The Ocean

The ocean is my happy place. . . . → Read More: The Ocean

If you’re going to be a writer

Whatever form your creativity takes, you have to practice it consistently. . . . → Read More: If you’re going to be a writer

New Inspiring Morning Routine

I have a fairly new morning routine, and this morning it hit me – I really LIKE it! You see, I gave up the daily paper a couple months ago. I have been reading the daily paper every morning since the local paper went to a morning edition, which would be more years than I . . . → Read More: New Inspiring Morning Routine

Good vibes

I was thinking this morning about how nice it is to surround myself with good thoughts, good intentions, and good vibrations. Sometimes that seems hard to do, but think I have discovered a way to make it easier. I usually check my Singing Heart Facebook page when I get up in the morning, and noticed . . . → Read More: Good vibes

I Validate!

Just want you all to know, I validate! Do you? I highly recommend it. There are so many people out there who want to be seen. They want to be heard. They want to be understood. They want to be validated. It is a basic human need – people need to know that someone cares. . . . → Read More: I Validate!

Choose Happiness!

I choose happiness! I want to choose happiness everyday, though some days it is certainly easier than others. But I want to share something that I found on Facebook the other day that makes it a little easier – check out the Facebook page for Choose Happiness. I love the page, and every post inspires . . . → Read More: Choose Happiness!

Amazing Alliteration as Inspiration

I believe the Universe always sets you up for good, but sometimes you actually notice it – wow! This morning I got on my treadmill and decided to bypass my usual treadmill music (Tower of Power; Earth, Wind & Fire; Journey; Eagles) and listen to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. The first song opened with . . . → Read More: Amazing Alliteration as Inspiration