Thank you

Gratitude is so important. I just want to take a little time to say thank you to all the first responders, doctors, nurses, administrative staff, janitors, cooks, aides, anyone else working in our hospitals and nursing homes, grocery store workers, and any and all workers deemed essential in this pandemic. Also to everyone who wears a mask and stays home when they can, and anyone who can muster a smile or a friendly greeting from a distance when they meet someone on the street. Thank you to all the people who check in on their neighbors to see if they need help getting groceries and other essential items.

Basically I would like to acknowledge the many, many people who think about how their actions affect others, and who are willing to put up with a little inconvenience so that more vulnerable people can perhaps get through this without losing their lives.

We hear about all the protesters and people who don’t seem to care at all about anyone but themselves, and I think it is important to realize that these people are in the minority – a very vocal, loud minority – but a minority, none-the-less. There are so many people in this country who really do care about what happens to others.

I also want to thank the people who are trying to understand this virus, working on vaccines, and volunteering for vaccine trials.

To all of those people, I say THANK YOU, and you inspire me!

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