Good vibes

I was thinking this morning about how nice it is to surround myself with good thoughts, good intentions, and good vibrations.  Sometimes that seems hard to do, but think I have discovered a way to make it easier.  I usually check my Singing Heart Facebook page when I get up in the morning, and noticed today that the other pages I have made my favorites and read a lot are very uplifting.  Just reading through the names makes me smile:  Spreading Positivity, Choose Happiness, Live in the Heart of Life, Positive Daily Affirmations, and Inspired Abandon,  to name just a few.  Starting the day out by even just reading the names, much less reading some of their posts, really sets my day up to be GOOD!

Check these pages out,  and check out the rest of the pages I have in my Favorites. And then check out the pages that they have in their Favorites.  If you need some good vibes for your day, it’s an easy way to get a fix! 

I welcome your input on these pages, and other pages that you find inspiring.  I have a lot, but it never hurts to have more places to go for uplifting thoughts!

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