Amazing Alliteration as Inspiration

I believe the Universe always sets you up for good, but  sometimes you actually notice it – wow! This morning I got on my treadmill and decided to bypass my usual treadmill music (Tower of Power; Earth, Wind & Fire; Journey; Eagles) and listen to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. The first song opened with exquisite alliteration that has set up my day for noticing.  Noticing the flowers, the birds, the shadows, and every other small thing that I so often overlook.  Is it too silly to say that I feel like I have been set up to notice all the joy today?

“Helplessly hoping her harlequin hovers nearby…” (Stephen Stills, the title is the same as the opening line) – and there is so much more. You really need to listen to the song to appreciate it. Yes, I guess I am a word geek (many could have told you that). 

I think I have been inspired today by, of all things, a bunch of words strung together in a way I find amazing, amusing, and awesome (yeah – I recognize it much better than I do it myself!) And I think the point is that on any given day your inspiration can come from anywhere, but you have to pay attention to everything if you are going to catch it!

What is inspiring you today? What is it inspiring you to do or be? And did it tickle you as much as my inspiration tickled me this morning?

1 comment to Amazing Alliteration as Inspiration

  • Max Baldonado

    Thanks Judy for the lovely insight. I do believe it is so true that if we do pay attention to what is around us and to the sounds……it can inspire.

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