The Ocean

I have scheduled this post in advance, because I am actually in the middle of a vacation at the ocean. I love the ocean any time of the year. I hang out in the condo, reading, writing, and doing nothing in particular. What a glorious life – I think I could do this all the time!

This is a great way to ├é┬árecharge my battery – it is excellent self-care. I think I would actually go nuts if I always had nothing to do day in and day out, but once in a while it is exactly what I need. Walking the beach and listening to the waves, meditating, spending uninterrupted time with my husband – this is the life!

I get great inspiration out here. Perhaps it is because I am still enough to allow the muse to visit while I am here. I am not sure I care why; it is enough to know that it works!

And when I get back to the city, when things become too hectic and too noisy, I relive these times in my head. This is my happy place!

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