What if?

Everything is relative. I do not consider myself rich, but I know that to some who have less, it must seem that I am. I have my problems, and I know that there are many who have more, and many who have fewer. Most of my problems are “first world” problems; I know that there are many people in this world who wish they had my kind of problems rather than theirs. While I wonder if we will have enough money to last through retirement, there are those who can only dream of being able to retire.

I am in a bit of a “What if?” mood. What if the entire world operated on a basis of abundance, rather than scarcity? What if we all shared what we had rather than hoard things? What if we realized that we would all have enough, if we shared? What if the people accumulating more wealth than they will ever be able to spend realized that living that way really is pointless – the rich man dies in the end, the same as the poor man. What if all people cared about all people? We are, after all, all one. What if we realized that what happens to one happens to us all? What if we all cared?

Sometimes I wonder….

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