Random thoughts on the state of our country

I understand that some people think we have gone overboard with political correctness. I don’t understand why some people seem to think that the opposite of being politically correct is being rude. If that is the choice, then I will choose to be PC. I do not see the need to purposely hurt people, or to leave people out.

I really do not understand what is happening in our country right now. I understand that there are a lot of people who are hurting, and that they seem to be willing to grasp anything and anyone who says that they have the answer. I don’t understand their willingness to ignore scientific facts, and their willingness to believe that if they say anything enough times, then it is true.

And I REALLY don’t understand why some people think it is okay to do and say something that is recorded, and then deny they ever said it. If all someone has to do is a quick internet search to find a copy of it being said and done, what is this all about? To me that is living in an alternate reality. It is going to come back and bite people in the butt, but they don’t seem to care. And to my mind, it isn’t going to happen soon enough.

Voting against your own best interest is something that makes sense, if it means that others will get their needs met. It doesn’t make sense if it means that those who have a lot will end up with more, and you will end up with less than you need. I really wish people would understand when they have enough. There is no need to have “the most” of anything. That is greed, pure and simple.

There are people out there who are lying and they know they are lying. I get that some people are just willing to believe what they are told, and repeat it as if it is the truth, because they believe it. But there are also people who are lying because they know if they can get enough people to believe their lie, then they can amass more and more of whatever it is they want to amass – money, oil, water, whatever. If they own it all, then everyone else has to come to them for it.

And then there is my biggest per peeve: people who claim to be Christian who don’t give a fig about their fellow human beings. And this is why I am no longer into organized religion.

Yep – this was a list of things I do not understand and do not like. It is not what I started to write, but it is what wanted to be written. I will leave us all with a question here: why is this happening, and how do we change it?

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