G*$$!%&#$ greedy insurance companies

I am full of loathing for insurance companies these days. Is there a reason (besides greed, I mean) that insurance companies are allowed to get involved in our actual health? This is driving me nuts.

So, my insurance company has taken a drug that I have successfully taken for over 7 years off of their formulary. They demand that I try 2 other drugs on their formulary and fail them, before the will pay for my drug again.

This drug works for me. It gives me no side effects, and has done what it is supposed to do. So of course they want me to try something else that may or may not work for me, and that may or may not give me side effects.  I did try the generic version of this drug a couple years ago, at the insurance company’s insistence. It gave me horrible side effects, and after 2 months they went back to paying for my drug that works.

They are fine, apparently, with taking a chance that going off this drug and taking a different one may actually worsen my condition and may give me side effects (including death). Well, I guess if I die they will no longer have to pay anything out for me – though they already don’t pay for my other prescriptions.

So can someone tell me why this is okay? Why is it okay for them to put my health at risk so they can make more money? Why is it okay for someone at the insurance company who doesn’t know and has never talked to me to make healthcare decisions for me?

And the biggest question – why do we allow the wealthiest, greediest people and companies to hold us hostage this way?

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