Please vote

I really wish that everyone felt their voice counted and would vote. I understand why some people don’t feel this way. I understand that there are people out there who feel that winning is the only object, and don’t care if they have to lie, cheat, or steal votes to win. And the only way we are going to take our country back (if it is not too late) is to vote to change things.

I do get that there is not a perfect candidate running – there couldn’t be, because we are all flawed , some worse than others. I do believe that we should be able to vote for a person that we like, rather than against a person that we don’t like, but that is not our reality right now. Not voting should not be an option. You don’t get to say, “well, I didn’t vote so none of this is my mess.” I call BS – if you didn’t vote, you helped cause this mess.

I have struggled with the electoral college for years, but now I feel that it has to go. I thought that we were supposed to be “one person, one vote,” but that is not the way the electoral college works. The electoral college skews things, so that the votes in states with less population actually carry more weight than those in more densely populated states. Can we please move to “each vote counts equally?”

In the meantime, please vote. Vote with me, or vote against me, but please vote! Even if your choices are not what you wish they were, please vote!



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