Pay your employees a living wage

I am really sick of hearing about how people are not going back to work, leaving business owners with too few workers to run their businesses. They say that extra unemployment money during the pandemic was a disincentive for workers.

Here’s a thought – try paying your workers a living wage, and appreciating what they do for you. People who pay a living wage don’t seem to have as many problems finding people to work for them. Perhaps the problem isn’t unemployment money, but rather that people are tired of working multiple jobs just to make money for business owners.

I read this somewhere, and I agree with it (I am paraphrasing what I read): If you can’t figure out how to make money at your business while still paying people a living wage, then perhaps you shouldn’t be in business. Nobody should have to work for peanuts just so you can make money.

I am not normally one who believes that the “old days” were always better, but there is something to be said for a time when a family of four could live a decent life (not just barely get by) on one salary. And there was a time when they could even put money away and help send a child to college.

What this really seems to be about is that workers are tired (very literally) of being exploited so that their employer can make lots of money

Pay your employees a living wage!


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