Will Smith and Chris Rock

Should Will Smith have hit Chris Rock for his “joke” about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair? Was it even a joke? Is this what we should be talking about right now? Is it more important than the war Russia is waging with Ukraine?

I don’t know the answers; I don’t even know if these are the correct questions right now. I do have some opinions.

I think the joke was in poor taste if Rock knew about Pinkett Smith’s condition. But did he know? I admit that I did not know (I don’t follow these things). Even if he didn’t know, is it ever appropriate to comment on someone’s appearance? On the other hand, I think she actually looks great. But that doesn’t mean it’s appropriate to point it out. She may have made the best choice she could make given the circumstances, and she may not appreciate people pointing it out.

As to Smith’s actions, I am of the belief that hitting Rock was not appropriate. There were a lot of alternatives to violence, and any number of them would have been a better choice. What message did he send to the public? What message did he send to his kids? What message did he send to kids in general? Is it okay to hit someone because you don’t like what they said?

My heart goes out to Pinkett Smith for what she is going through – both the condition she has and the aftermath of the Academy Awards fiasco.

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