What is going on here?

What is going on here? People are re-writing history to be what they wish it were, rather than what it really was. Someone says things that are reprehensible – or at least they would have been a couple years ago – and people still think he is worthy of being president. People put their faith in someone who has a track record of doing everything that will be bad for them, but they believe, for some reason, that he will be different in the future. We have a president who lies so much that if he told the truth no one would know the difference, and that is apparently okay with many. We have a president (and a lot of people around him) that believe if they say something enough times, it is true. We love in a world where people will deny that they said or did something, even though there is a recording of them saying or doing it. We have an administration that believes in “alternative facts.” I love how the Urban Dictionary defines this term: “a fancy way to say bullshit.”

We have a president who feeds the fears of people who are being left behind – yet he is the one who is doing things that leave people behind. This country was founded on the belief that we are all equal – not that the rich can run roughshod over the poor. In my heart I know that the “haves” are not worth more than the “have nots.”

I do understand that things were not going well, and we needed a change. However, this kind of seems like burning down the house because it needed cleaning. I think we went overboard.

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