My heart is breaking

My heart is breaking for my country. I always knew there were racists here, but I never realized how many. I have heard people say that we should not be comparing the US to Germany, and yet that is where we seem to be headed. We are taking children away from their parents, putting people in cages, denying people medicine and common decency. What’s next? And all because the people in power want to stay in power, and will do seemingly anything to stay there.

I am pretty sick of hearing people say, “Well, I am not a racist, but I support the president.” I call BS – if you are supporting a racist, then you ARE a racist. If you can overlook all the facts about this guy – he has shown us and told us how he feels about women and minorities, lies constantly (even about provable things), is a racist, doesn’t know what he is doing, etc – just so you can stay in power, you certainly do not deserve to be in power. He has hijacked the republican party, and will do what he can to keep them in control, regardless of the Constitution, rule of law, or anything else.

He tells you to believe what he says, and not what you see with your own eyes. This is not a leader, it is a con-man. He has been a con-man his entire adult life, why would you expect him to change now? What has me weeping is that there are so many people willing to support him.

People – we are all one; what hurts one of us hurts us all. What is being done in our name, by a man whose sole motivation seems to be “if Obama did it, I will undo it,” is criminal in some cases, and immoral in most cases. I do know some religious people who are pretty firm in their convictions, and are good people. However, all you so-called religious people who are willing to overlook anything bad this man does just so you can get what you want, if you are religious, then I do NOT like religion, and think it should be banned from the planet.

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