I hope all the people in Texas are safe and warm, and got their electricity back. Deregulation sounds great, until there is a problem, and then not so much.

Kudos to Beto and AOC for doing things that will make a difference for real people.

I have a thought: maybe we should give everyone 2 – 4 weeks to leave the state if they wish, and then go ahead and let Texas secede from the USA. They could be replaced by Washington, DC and Puerto Rico. Since they say they want to be cut loose and not a part of this country anymore, let’s let them go. I don’t think they would last very long, going it alone. But if they want deregulation, let them deregulate everything – as long as people have a chance to get out first.

And no, I don’t really think this is a good solution, but my patience is wearing thin. They want to have it both ways – they want to deregulate their energy grid, but they want the rest of us to pick up the pieces and pay when things fall apart. Well Texas, you can blame the Green New Deal all you want – it isn’t in effect anywhere right now. And renewable energy does work in the cold – just ask states and countries in the cold north. The republicans have been in charge there for decades – is your life better with them in charge, or worse. I would argue that it is worse, unless, of course, you are one of the few getting rich off of them.

I feel bad for people in Texas – really I do. But I think if you are having a hard time, it is time to look at who is running things.

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