Dark Times

I don’t understand how you find common ground with people who refuse to believe reality. It doesn’t help to make logical arguments, because people who don’t believe in facts also don’t seem to be able to understand logic.

I don’t know how we can move ahead. If one political party decides that they are going to be in charge, regardless of what the American people want, and are willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen, what can the rest of us do?

I guess we have to refuse to give up. An awful lot of people have died and been injured in order to keep our democracy a democracy, and it’s up to regular people to honor that and fight to keep this country going.

I would really like to see another party with fresh ideas make an appearance about now, because I think the gop has totally lost it about now. I really believe this country does the best when people with differing ideas come together and argue and compromise and then unite behind the winning ideas.

Of course, right now the republicans seem to think unity means that we should all support what they want, and forget about compromise, because they also seem to think that compromise means to do it their way.

And having said all that, please understand that I know it may not be ALL republicans. There may be some republicans left who truly believe in democracy, though it is looking like most sane republicans aren’t republicans anymore. So when I say republicans, what I may really mean is “republicans in office.”

I hope we make it through these dark times!

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