Process, and then move on

Some people will tell you it is time to move on because it would be convenient for them if you did. Some people will tell you it is time to move on because they really don’t understand what you have been through. Some people really care about you, and mistakenly think that just moving on will make things better for you.

The important thing to remember is that you should move on when you have processed whatever happened, and made peace with it. That may take more time for you than someone else, but it doesn’t matter – it’s not a race.

People process in different ways, and HOW you get to that peace is not as important as THAT you get there. If you need to sit with the information and process it internally, find someone who will sit with you in silence while you work it out. If you are a verbal processor and need to talk it out, find someone you trust who will listen to the same story over and over while you work it out. If you need to move to process it, then move. If you process in some other way, then do it. If you move on before you process it, it will inevitably come back to bite you in the butt.

Don’t let anyone else convince you to move on before you are ready. Process, and then move on.

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