I have been lacking motivation lately. There are things I want to do – they are important to me on many levels – that I am just not motivated to do. So this morning I am redoubling my resolve to start doing them on a regular basis.

Lo and behold, I find the Universe, as usual, finds a way to help me out, if I just pay attention. A friend of mine, Brett Dupree (www.joyous, is giving up some things, and has decided on what I consider to be a great motivator. He will be making a donation to a politician that he does not care for every time he slips and does what he is trying not to do. I had heard of doing this before, but forgotten it. I think this will work well for me, because I do not support a particular politician at all. If I have to actually spend money to support him if I do not do what I am trying to do, I believe that I will actually be able to create the habit I am trying to create.

This may or may not work for you; it may depend on how much you do not want to financially support a particular politician. It doesn’t have to be a politician; for instance, if you really hate pets, you could make it a contribution to the ASPCA. (That was just an example  – I do NOT hate pets!) The point is to make it something that you don’t support, so that if you do have to send money, it will bug you. An alternative would be to send money to something that you do support, although the problem some people might have with this is that if you don’t mind sending the money, it may not motivate you much.

I wish that I could say that doing something good for me would be enough motivation to get it done, but it is obviously not working that way for me right now, so I will try this.

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