Why is this so hard?

I just found out I have a cyst on my spine, and trying to figure out what to do about it has been a real problem. I like the doctor who ordered the MRI and found out it was there, but I don’t know that I agree with what she wants me to do about it. She wants me to have an EMG (which apparently involves needles in my back – which does not thrill me), and I have had 2 other medical people tell me that it would be an unnecessary test, because the results won’t change what has to happen.

I have asked all the questions I can of my doctor; she answers them, but I still don’t understand. I guess I need more information. I don’t think that she is the doctor who would do something about the cyst.

I would like to see a doctor who would take care of the cyst, who I think would be a spine specialist, to see what they want me to do. If they think an EMG is necessary, I would suck it up and have one. But if they figure they will take care of the cyst whatever the EMG shows, and it’s not a necessary test, I don’t want to go through it or pay for it.

Unfortunately, it is not that easy to see a spine specialist. The ones I have called have to have a referral from another doctor. My insurance, which I am not all that find of, does not require a referral. But I guess I need to get a doctor to refer me to get in to see someone.

Shouldn’t this be easier?

Wish me luck!

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