I am tired of political ads

I have to admit that I am getting very tired of all these political ads, from all sides. I have said this before; I notice that others are saying it also. Perhaps we need to change to a system where one is not allowed to speak of what their opponent is going to do, but only of what they are going to do. They can tell me what they think about the issues, and not what their opponent thinks of an issue.

Is there any way that we can outlaw lying in election ads? There is way too much of it, once again on all sides. Our political ads are full of subtle lies, and sometimes they are not even subtle. Some candidates lie about what they will or will not do if they win. The candidates count on their followers not paying very close attention, and taking every word they say as truth, when often what they say is not even close to what they will do.

It really is up to us, the voters, to sort out the truths from the half-truths and outright lies. If we all demanded it, we might just be able to bring back truth and civility in politics.

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