Pay attention to your body

Some days you feel good, and some days you don’t. That’s just how it is. That doesn’t make you good or bad, it just makes you human. The smart thing to do is to pay attention to your body. If this is a “feel good” day, then go ahead and do what you can. If it’s not, then don’t try to pretend that it is.

Our culture right now seems to tell you that you should “push through it” if you’re not feeling great. Well, I don’t know about anyone but me, but I do know that I can’t “just push through it.” That actually just puts me in a worse position than I was in before. I can either do something, or I can’t. There really isn’t much middle ground here.

Now I am not saying that I won’t or can’t try things – but it is so important for me to listen to my body! If it says “not today,” then it is important to stop. That doesn’t mean that I will never be able to attempt whatever it is; it just means that today is not the day to try it.

The key here is to know and pay attention to you. You know – you just have to pay attention.

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  • Nancy

    Thanks for the reminder Judy! This is something I forget all the time. I will try to remember more often to listen to myself and my body.

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