When did decency die?

Really? Are we really going to let our government put babies and kids in cages and not give them soap, toothbrushes, blankets, and other things that people – all people – need to stay clean and safe? It is way past time for these things to stop. I cannot believe what ridiculous arguments I am hearing these republicans spout as justification (in their minds, anyway) for doing this.

One person actually said that it is okay, as it was not spelled out what a safe environment is. Their excuse is that no one said “you have to give children soap, toothbrushes, and blankets,” so they don’t. What a crock! Their theory is that it was not explicitly stated, so it must not be expected. Hey – no one ever explicitly stated that I couldn’t spit on you either, but I don’t, because it is pretty basic knowledge that people should not spit on other people. Normal, decent people understand these things – so I ask – what happened to these people?

Maybe it wasn’t explicitly stated because it is pretty unfathomable that anyone would think it is okay to not provide those things. I guess that was back in the day when republicans seemed to be okay people, they just believed different things. Now there are so many republicans making it clear that they are NOT okay people.

I think it is time for the republican party to die and be replaced with another party – at least the republican party as it exists today. Can we go back to a time when both major parties disagreed on almost everything, but really had the best interest of the country at heart. We didn’t agree on much, but both parties believed in free elections. They may have disagreed on the exact method to get there, but, in the end, they both wanted a strong and fair United States of America. When did decency die? And can we get it back?

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