30 second ads

This seems like a third world problem if there ever was one, and it annoys me, nonetheless. I hate when I am finished with some application on my phone, and I can’t move on because some ad has come on that I cannot close. So I have to sit through some inane ad for 30 seconds before I can move on to whatever I am trying to move on to. Now, I understand that some of these apps are free precisely because they have ads, but really – you are going to make me sit through an entire 30 seconds of your worthless ad? If it were 5 or 10 seconds it wouldn’t annoy me so much – but 30 seconds?

I am here to tell all you advertisers out there that you are shooting yourself in the foot with these ads. I will NEVER buy anything from a company that does this, and while I haven’t taken a real poll, I have had more than one person tell me the same thing.

I have a suggestion: if you really want to make me sit through your ad, then make it shorter. If it were shorter, I might actually pay attention to it. Or if you insist on a 30 second ad, let me close it when I realize that it is for something I don’t care about. As it is, I generally stop watching and go do something else until it’s over.

Or you can continue to pay real money for 30 second ads that no one pays attention to. Of course it is always your choice, but it sure seems to me that you are just paying decent money to piss people off right now.

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