Holiday Traditions

I need to get away from all the political crap out there, so I am going to go get a Christmas tree this weekend. I didn’t get one last year because we were in the middle of a bathroom remodel and it seemed that everywhere in my house was a staging area for the construction. Now, I am not complaining about that – my husband re-did the bathroom in a beautiful and useful way, and I am very appreciative of that. There was just too much going on to put a Christmas tree in the middle of all that.

But I really did miss it, so I am definitely getting one this year. I have room for a big one (I do have 11 foot ceilings in my great room), but due to some limitations I have, I can’t decorate a large tree by myself, so I am going to go with a nice 4 – 5 foot tree – I can decorate that myself. I know I could get help from the boys, but it really is my thing, not theirs, so I want to keep it manageable and do it myself. They can enjoy the fruits of my labor!

I haven’t been a young lady for more years than I care to admit at this point, but when it comes to getting and decorating a Christmas tree I am like a little kid. I love getting the lights & ornaments on the tree, and putting up the decorations that I inherited from my mother-in-law (now passed), many of which she and her children (when they were young) created.

I miss the days when my young son would be up and begging us to go see the presents under the tree at 4:00 am on Christmas Day. Now that he is 26 it has been a while since that has happened. We still split our traditional pizza on Christmas Eve, and watch some movie that we have seen many times. Good times, good times….

Do you have any holiday traditions that make your holidays special? Have they changed? Things do inevitably change; kids get older and no longer want to sit on Santa’s lap, or have things to do with their friends instead of hanging out with their families. We all have to adapt, but the season can still be special. What used to work as a family tradition, may not work anymore, so then find a new tradition.

Happy Holidays to all – whatever holidays you celebrate! And if you don’t celebrate any holidays, then Happy December to you!


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