More women speak out

One more time, then I am done with this topic. Now more and more women are coming forward. I really want to believe all of them, but I am starting to have my doubts. I wish we could rely on everyone – men and women – to tell the truth about these things, but we can’t.

I will still believe the women, unless and until I am presented with facts that make them untrustworthy. I do believe that most women are telling the truth, but I will not blindly believe anyone about anything. I really wish we would all realize the harm that we are doing when we falsely accuse anyone of bad acts. And to those who would say, “But the men have been doing this for years – it’s our turn,” I would say that most of us who have been fighting for equality haven’t been fighting for the right to be as bad as some men have been. There are many men out there who are decent and honorable, and I want to be decent and honorable as well. Unfortunately, there are also some women out there who can be as bad as some men.

It is true that a rising tide floats all boats, but it is also true that a falling tide can bring us all down. We can sink to the lowest common denominator, or we can raise everyone with us and all become better people. Let’s do the latter, and not the former.

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