Conflicting advice

Stay in or go out? I am getting real confused. It would be great if the authorities would get together and send the same message to all of us sitting at home, wondering what to do.

So, I get mixed messages from everywhere – even my doctor’s offices. Now they are saying stay home, and apparently my appointment in a couple of weeks will be converted to a phone or internet appointment – don’t come in to the office. Oh, but wait…I need to get my medical marijuana card renewed, and for that, I am supposed to go in and sign it. WTF? Am I supposed to stay away from people, or am I supposed to go in to the clinic?

This is annoying me! It is starting to sound like they want me to choose between getting my medicine that takes care of some of my symptoms and allows me to sleep at night, and exposing myself to the virus. That’s a choice I really don’t want to have to make!

I have been told that I have to come in because the doctor and I both have to sign the paperwork…uh, what? You can’t sign it and send it to me to sign? At least in the middle of this pandemic, shouldn’t I be allowed to do this without coming in?

I am in the process of trying to find out if this is a requirement of the large medical center that my clinic is a part of, or a state requirement. When I find out, I will attempt to find out who to call or email about this. This makes no sense at all.

I have seen people questioning whether this is really so bad. I was choosing to believe the “experts” – no, not the orange guy in the White House, who is known for how many lies he can get into one sentence – and stay in as much as possible. Apparently, I am at a slightly higher risk for a couple of reasons, and I really hope to avoid this. But I, and everyone else, need straight, accurate, & non-conflicting information! Now I really understand what the governor of Ohio was doing when he postponed the election – how do you expect people to react to the word that they are to be social distancing AND they are supposed to go out and vote? Can we get some consistency here?

So who do I believe? Either social distancing is important, or it is not. One office should not be giving out conflicting advice. I hope I can get this straightened out before my appointment.

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