There are some things that confuse me, and I fear, always will. For instance, taxes. My understanding is that W-2s must be sent  to people by the end of January. And yet, they are not always sent out by then. But even worse is the fact that we were informed that the W-2 we got was incorrect and a new one will be sent in a couple weeks. However, that couple weeks has come and gone, and now we have been informed that we should get the revised W-2 by the end of the month.

I understand that mistakes happen. But WTF? Now my W-2 is not going to show up until the end of the month (if it does, indeed, show up by then), leaving me 15 days to get my taxes done. How is this fair? This is NOT my fault, it is the fault of the company that made the mistake, and yet it is MY taxes that are impacted. The IRS and experts are saying, “Get your taxes done and filed early,” and yet I can’t do them early, I will be lucky to get them done in time, because the employer is allowed to do this.

Can someone explain to me why big corporations are allowed to do this? I guess I will get as much done as I can without the W-2, and hope that they can actually deliver on this latest promise, though they obviously did not deliver on the first promise.

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