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Oh boy, another pet peeve post. I promise I will get over these soon. So this week’s post is about those Facebook posts that say “Only people who really care about (X,Y,Z) will re-post this,” or ” Post this to avoid Facebook’s latest privacy policy changes.”

I do not like cancer or suicide, and I care deeply about a lot of things, but I am still not going to re-post something like this. As for being able to cancel any part of Facebook’s policies by posting something, that is actually pretty ridiculous. All you are really doing with these kinds of posts is filling up my page with  insane posts that mean and do nothing. These are SPAM, and while I will ignore them for as long as I can, eventually I am going to get tired of seeing them, and I will probably unfriend you so that I do not have to see them anymore. Do you really think that you can override Facebook’s Terms (probably written by a high powered team of lawyers) with a simple post  written in legalese to sound important? The worst is when people add, “I don’t know if it will work, but it can’t hurt to try it.” Well, yes it can. It can spread misinformation around, and get other not-so-thinking people to also spread it around. I can’t tell you how often I have seen seemingly bright people give in and re-post these things.

Just stop it.

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